Who We Are

Last year, after 20 years of focused collecting in a very specific slice of Americana, we issued our first catalogue, and we want to thank all of our new friends, clients, and colleagues who made it a success–successful enough, at any rate, for there to be a Catalogue 2.  Like Catalogue 1, our second contains twenty-five items with important stories to tell, stories that range widely across the American experience: from the risk book of a London underwriter during the War of 1812 to the only military encounter between the United States and Texas, from an unrecorded broadside that captures the birth of San Francisco to a revolution in women’s fashion; from an iconic view of Harvard University to the diary of a young teacher in Reconstruction-era Nashville; and from the poignant words of a young African American cadet unjustly dismissed from West Point to the plainspoken narrative of an elderly woman writing of her captivity as a child.  Whether manuscript diaries, ledgers, and letters, printed pamphlets and broadsides, photographs, or even a children’s spelling book, they all contribute new ways of seeing and thinking about the broader currents of American history.  Our name is what they have in common.  They are primary sources, and they are largely uncharted.  This fall, like last, we offer a new catalogue with twenty-five unexpected items, fresh to the trade.  So thanks again to everyone who supported our first effort, and we hope that you enjoy browsing Catalogue 2.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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