Who We Are

After 20 years of deep and focused collecting in a very narrow slice of Americana, we are pleased to open a new chapter in our pursuit of old paper. While small in number, the 25 items in our first catalogue–all entirely new to the trade–capture a set of stories that illuminate a broad cross-section of the American experience.  From the reflections of a new mother in colonial New England to the beginnings of a free black community in New Jersey, from the fever dreams of the California Gold Rush to the unfulfilled promise of the Reconstruction South, from the Trail of Tears to the National Forest Service, they all offer surprising new insights into our collective American Story, both its triumphs and its failures.  They come in many different forms: manuscript journals and ledgers, printed pamphlets and broadsides, photograph albums and scrapbooks.  Many are unique or unrecorded, others uniquely annotated.  The name of our business is what they have in common.  They are primary sources, and they are largely uncharted.  Each Fall, we plan to offer a new catalogue, each with 25 similarly unexpected items, all fresh to the trade.  So thank you for browsing.  We look forward to hearing from you.