Who We Are

This winter brings our fifth catalogue, once again containing twenty-five items with important stories to tell, stories that bring unique perspectives to the American experience at its broadest: from Daniel Defoe’s 1706 defense of religious dissent in Carolina to a vitriolic broadside attack on Aaron Burr’s character from New York’s 1804 gubernatorial campaign; from the manumissions that Lewis Hamilton–a free man of color and operator on the Underground Railroad–used to liberate his wife and daughter from slavery to Frederick Douglass’s fearless oration at the unveiling of the Freedmen’s Memorial to Abraham Lincoln; from the diary of a Union Pacific engineer racing to complete the first Transcontinental Railroad to a manuscript ledger recording the brands of the Western South Dakota Stock Growers Association; and from a slip bill that began Rhode Island’s process of detribalizing the Narragansett Indians to a unique frontier printing of the Curtis Act, which abolished tribal governments in Indian Territory. They all contribute to new ways of exploring the corners of American history.  Our name is what they have in common.  They are primary sources, and they are largely uncharted.  Thanks again to everyone who has supported our first four efforts, and we hope that you enjoy browsing Catalogue 5.

We look forward to hearing from you.