Who We Are

This winter brings our fourth catalogue–delayed like so many other things this challenging year–once again containing twenty-five items with important stories to tell, stories that bring unique perspectives to the American experience at its broadest: from the theological dictionary assembled by a minister in colonial New England to the only surviving sermons of a missionary to the Cherokees; from the ledgers of a commission merchant in 1830s St. Louis to the manuscript by-laws of a Deadwood gold mining operation; from the letters of a Wyoming range rider at the peak of the territory’s cattle industry to the unique prospectus for Jamaica’s first railroad company, with an impressive lithographed and hand-colored map; from the earliest known photograph of an African American socialist during his formative years in Nebraska to a manuscript letter from Native America’s first canonized saint.  They all contribute to new ways of exploring the corners of American history.  Our name is what they have in common: they are primary sources, and they are largely uncharted.  Thanks again to everyone who has supported our first three efforts, and we hope that you enjoy browsing Catalogue 4.

We look forward to hearing from you.